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    KSS CC Application


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    KSS CC Application

    Post  KSS on Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:57 pm

    Name :Kyle

    Age : 16

    In Game Name :Naleo Nazora

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :I have played for around 4 months on and off, but im back for good

    Roleplaying Experience :I have had this position before although, the wipe had some difficulties I believe and we wiped.

    Figures already played :CC,Shinji, Urahara, Aizen, Quincy Elder

    Your plans for your wipe : As usual I plan on going where the rp takes me, but other than that, To make the 13 squads be known and feared by the hollow menace.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    *Sorry this is just to show my rp skill level and I had writers block*

    leaned forward easing up from his seat he stood. As he arose both his arms extended out into the air, a large solid yawn emitted from his mouth. Sucking upon his tongue several times before taking a readily stance, both feet planted firmly upon the ground and his arms now extended behind him. Naleos body vanished from where he once stood. His speed had increased from the uses of shunpo he has been having lately. In the matter of mear seconds he was now back on top of the Shinigami academys roof. Easily placing his right hand behind his back Naleo unsheathed his zanpaktou from its horizontal position on his back.

    With the long bulky blade in his right hand it was time to begin, he took a quick seat and crossed his legs placing the zanpaktou horizontally on his lap. Closing his eyes once more he attempted Jinzen, this time was different. A moment after his eyes closed a pulse from his zanpaktou was given off, this indicated to Naleo that indeed it was time for the two to meet face to face. Physically Naleos breathing increased drastically and calmed down, during this process his mental state travelled realms and brought him to the realm of his zanpaktou. Arriving he was in a world that was barren nothing, but absolute soil everywhere. In a distance he could see a figure walking towards his direction and became cautious, and placed his hand upon the hilt of his zanpaktou.

    From where the man stood Naleo heard his voice even being so far away. “Calm yourself for it is I” Naleos facial expression lightened he was thrilled, but this thrill turned into awe as the figure came closer and closer. Looking up Naleo was met by a large being clothed in black robes similar to that of a shinigami, this being was no ordinary everyday thing it towered of Naleo by FAR.” Damn…your up there” The being looked down and replied “Yes…I tower over cities my mass is also great now come up here for us to speak.” Taking the beings advice Naleo appeared on the shoulder of the being via shunpo “Sup?” he said with a smile.”I know why your hear its for my Name correct?” swiftly shaking his head Naleos eyes widened “YES!”

    A large gust of wind blew through Naleos hair as it flowed in the wind, he raised his hand to remove it from his eyes. Upon placing the hair out of his eyes the first thing he saw was a hand coming towards his face. It was extra ordinary and levels above him in speed, there was no where to go. He was struct and the impact was unimaginable taking him straight to the floor in a thud. The large being stated after this “ The name is Soldado Grandes!...Dont ever forget it because we are now partners…Closer together this bond will not be broken or else you will break…And I do mean your body.”

    Naleo laid there unconscious fading back to the real world. Shivering as he left he quickly stood on top of the roof. “ You didn’t have to hit me….fuck” Jumping into the air he utilized the shunpo technique once more instantly appearing by the lake he would land on the floor with a tap, taking his seat on the bench.”Well I guess I did good.”

    Naleos eyes opened as he came back to reality, that was only a dream of what he had remembered. Awakening he realized that there were three captains before him, all knowing not to interfere with him as he reminisced. “ It is fine…”

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