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    Alejandro's Application


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    Alejandro's Application

    Post  ryushi612 on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:02 am

    Name : Chris S. Key: D’artanian

    Age :19

    In Game Name : Alejandro Delavega

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Role play :1. New to this game.

    Roleplaying Experience : At least 10 years of Fourm RP. And 5 years of more in depth RP tabletop. I have written campaigns for Wizards of the Coast, and play tested for White Wolf inc as well as Machinezeit productions.

    Figures already played :On beyond I have often played the role of raikage or hokage in Naruto games, as well as Akatsuki leader. I was a captain twice on Bleach Las Noches back when it used to RP. And I was supreme Kaioshin 4 or 5 times in Dragon Ball Z Finale.

    Your plans for your wipe : From what I understand the Hollow side of this wipe seems to be a little low. I want to try and attract people OOC to become hollows in order to create a balance. Likewise, since the game is based in RP, I will make sure that before attaining Arrancar or other high level forms the Hollows know how to RP effectively and elegantly. That is to say if someone comes to me with application for Arrancar and I think their RP quality is low, I will help them develop it. Perhaps using another Key specifically designed to help Rpers who feel alone and dont have much chance to role play to hone their skills. In character of course my Goal will be to usurp soul society and become a godlike fusion of Hollow and shinigami. The idea I have for this character is more a melding of hollow and shinigami than Azien originally had. Mechanically I would probably be an Arrancar over a shinigami, with fusions of the two. Obviously he would have a Zanpaktou and access to kido, but would be more inclined to practice with Cero’s and the like.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)


    Alejandro hovered in the air, smirking cockily at his opponent on the ground before him, It was not often that he let himself be brought down far enough to actually engage in combat with another, he had ‘people’ for that. Now, however the situation was different, it was too urgent for him to ignore, and perhaps some part of him became restless acquiring all this power and never being able to test it.

    “So? You’ve come this far have you?”
    Alejandro smiled, and brushed his long hair out of his face with his right hand. His clothes were oddly reminiscent of a captains uniform, He wore black pants with a black undershit, cut with a deep V neck that exposed most of his chest. Over this he had a sleek white coat that covered the sheath of his Zanpaktou. On his chest there was an X shaped scar which seemed to have a faint glow in the center.

    “Well then, lets see how strong you think you are”

    With this Alejandro took his hand which he had just brushed back his hair with and raised it slightly in front of him, positioning his fingers as if he was grasping an invisible ball. Then from the palm of his hand a red glow started to emit. His face was calm, but sinister and frightening under the red tint of the enrgy in his hand, and in one swift and fluid movement he extended his arm and faced his palm tward his opponent.


    he cried as the red blast left his palm, and soared at his opponent, vaporizing the air in its path. It was a powerful attack, fast, and strong, but not devastating to those of higher power. Surely had his opponent been hit it would have been an agonizing blow, but it was not unavoidable any strong shinigami could dodge or shunpo the strike before contact; in fact Alejandro was counting on it.

    Alejandro had done his opponent a disservice, sure he had shown his foe that he has power enough to use the hollow’s cero, but it was a tactical move. By waiting and powering up the cero, by calling its name he had portrayed limits to his power. Namely that he must charge this technique and verbally assert it like he would a high level Kido, but this was a ruse. As his opponent dodged Alejandro would point out his fingers, and without any charge or even a word, thin red beams of energy would shoot toward his opponent, leaving them in a constant hurried state of dodging these devastating and quick blasts.

    Alejandro would shoot these small blasts at his opponent, causing him to instinctively dodge them with little time to think of a counter plan, and as he dodged this foe would be walking further and further into a trap. Directing him subtly with these attacks to move around the field of battle. Eventually the opponent would have no other chioce but to teleport behind him, as a frontal attack would be nearly impossible due to the onslaught of attacks. and when This occurred the trap would have been sprung.

    Alejandro had removed his Zanpaktou from his sheath and pierced the back of his coat so that when the opponent teleported behind him, all Alejandro would need to do is throw himself backwards to stab his opponent, then he would turn, and hold his palm just inches from the face of his foe and gather energy.

    With a smirk grin and one word it would all be over


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