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    Xenoaz Application


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    Xenoaz Application

    Post  Xenoaz on Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:52 am

    Name : Aaron

    Age : 18

    In Game Name : Xenoaz Hydrax

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : New

    Roleplaying Experience :None

    Figures already played : None

    Your plans for your wipe : To become a high ranking Espada

    The school bell was just a faint ringing for Xenoaz, lost in thought he wondered how his life could be anymore boring than it already was. He was just another ordinary student, though he was fast he rejected the track teams invite to join the team. Just as he turned to walk back to class he ran into his childhood friend Gerel Ginrow "Hey, watch where your going reject!" a laugh erupted from them both. With that they wandered back to the same old class that they only had for the next three days til spring break.

    Once night has fallen upon the dull city, Xenoaz snuck out to wander the streets. Half an hour later he arrived at a cliff overlooking the sea and a starry night sky. He found this place long ago after his father's death, he ran til his little legs ached and found himself here, now he comes here every night to talk to his father and stare at the sea or stars. He never told his mother about this place or what he does when she finds him missing he just ignores her and withdraws back into himself.

    "Figures I'd find you here."
    He waits for Gerel to sit next to him as he does everytime. They also loved to use this place as a sparring areana and would train here together.
    "Want to spar again or you affraid you'll lose like last time?"
    Xenoaz wastes no time in grabbing the wooden swords from behind the great rock in the center of the cliff.
    "I won't lose to you again, you might have gotten stronger, but I'm faster now!" he thrust the sword toward his friend, and thought He is my enemy now not my friend, i must beat him! With all his speed and strength he charged his opponent, quickly he slammed his fist into Gerel's face but to no avail, Gerel had dodged and began to counter with his swords pommel, connecting with Xenoaz's temple. "Last chance Xeno, you gonna give up?"


    once more he gathered all the strength he had left to charge Gerel, but this time Gerel was prepared and sidestepped him and he thrust out his fist to knock the air from Xenoaz's lungs, and before Xenoaz could stop, Gerel sent him rolling over the cliffs edge. Falling to his death, Xenoaz found it strange that he felt at peace and didn't care.

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