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    Saito CC app

    Post  Saito on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:42 pm

    Name : Saito

    Age : 17

    In Game Name : Saito Daisengo

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : Zero ( on first week)

    Roleplaying Experience : Years. Maybe six, maybe 7.

    Figures already played : None.

    Your plans for your wipe : Getting shit back on track, restoring the order within the Seireitei. Restoring balance to the other worlds as well. Making sure Seireitei is functioning with competent Captains and such. Same ol' same ol.

    RP Example:
    Long digits ran through thick dark brown hair, eyes running over the opponent that stood before him. A child, was the only thought that could come to mind. The position he held was not just for show nor something to flaunt -- he wasn't backed by the twelve captains he governed nor the army of Shinigami residing to each squad including his own. He was, in times of need, the force that reassured everyone within the Soul Society, that the Shinigami were absolute.

    Clad in black robe-like garment, white obi sash on his waist, and draped over his shoulders was the pristine captain's haori -- "You," he stated, his loud voice rang with power and authority. "Are here to tarnish this order. The balance that the Thirteen Court Guards maintain." He asked no questions -- only offered the foolish challenger salvation. There was no salvation.

    Yokai taunted him with a grin, showing off his jagged-shark-like teeth. Drawing his sword, he withdrew his reiatsu in one-burst as he released his shikai. In response, Saito's long digits wrapped around his zanpaktou, exerting his own reiatsu to match the fool -- Yokai came swinging down his jagged-end-blade on Saito. Releasing a bigger burst of reiatsu, the drowning atmosphere, he drew his blade, utilizing his high-level shunpo, cutting the air-born falling Yokai from left shoulder to lower right abdomen.

    In the brief moments that followed after he spoke, he had slain the challenger without hesitation only mercy. Sheathing his blade, he walked forward, leaving the man to bleed out as he was joined with members of his squad. The 2nd division would take care of the rest -- but for now. He had other matters to intend to -- paperwork. What could be called entertainment had now been closed and so the day would end on the same note.

    "Another day with the same ol' shit."

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