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    Alex's Shinji app


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    Alex's Shinji app

    Post  Alexander on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:05 am

    Name :Youri

    Age :14

    In Game Name :Alex Braidy

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :Weeks? ugh... Allot... maybe 30 weeks in total with other wipes?

    Roleplaying Experience :Im avarage... i think

    Figures already played :Eh, shinji once.

    Your plans for your wipe : Hiding untill something big is up. Then we take action, Duh.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Alex Braidy wandered through the city, as he heard a loud ''bang'' noise, somewhere off in the far edge of the town. Wondering what it was, he just ran to it, hoping he could find something amusing. By his suprise, he encountered someone in a white kimono, with black lines on it. ''Eh, what are you? Why are you here...?'' Alex said.
    The man in the kimono laughed, as he yelled ''Fool, I am ''Enter name'' the eight espada... Fear me, or perish allong with you're fellow humans.
    Laughing, Alex walked slowly towards the man, using reiatsu to walk on air, and throwing his cap off his head. ''Im not a human, as you can see.'' Suddenly, a zanpakutou appeared out of nowhere, just slowly falling into Alex's hand ''Lets get this over with, quickly...''

    Alex shunpo'd towards the man, as he sliced through the air, aiming for his arm. But he missed drasticaly. Because the man then used some technique, similiar to shunpo, but somewhat different. ''What was that technique just now?'' Alex said out of curiosity. ''That was Sonido... a technique similiar to a technique of shinigami's, I think you're a shinigami, by the look of you're zanpakutou...'' He said. ''But, what about you? You have a sheath, what is inside it? Cotton Candy?'' Alex said, when the man was finished. He was trying to taunt him. ''Fool, That is -my- zanpakutou... You shall die before you can see it..!'' Alex smiled, with his cold blue eyes watching the man, As he said ''Heh, we shall see about that... Bring it!'' The battle has yet started agian.

    After some dodges of his zanpakutou the man then unsheathed his own zanpakutou.. ''Okay, you're pretty fast, i could almost die at that last one...'' Alex then just smiled, as he said ''Good, now i can get a little bit more serious, too...'' Suddenly, Alex's reiatsu would grow twice as big as it was, leaving the man paralysed. ''What... Are you...?'' the man said. But Alex wouldnt care what he said. ''Who are you, if i may ask...'' The hollow almost couldnt handle the spiritual pressure, but he said a few more words. ''We are a small group, of hollows... we have grown to our final evolution, known as... Arran... car...'' The man then regenerated very fast, attempting to punch Alex on the face. But alex would put his hand on the punch saying ''Foolish little hollow... ''His hand just a few inches from his own eye, Alex borrowed the strength of a creature inside him, Granting him a mask, and more power then ever imagined, ''Foolish... Foolish little hollow...'' Alex now controlled his reiatsu, to a thin, dense area on the tip of his zanpakutou, slicing the man in two from a distance.

    The only thing Alex has seen from the man, is being suprised, and saying his last words '' A.. Hollow mask...?'' Then he just simply died. Alex would walk down on the ground, Acting like nothing happened, ''Now lets finish my job...'' After a few hours walking in the city, he arrived in a candy store, ''I want some cotton candy, and everything else you got.'' Then, paying for the money, he went to a crappy place, a empty warehouse somewhere off the city. ''Im home...'' Alex said, waiting for a response of his friends.

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