Bleach - Odyssey (Roleplay)

A strictly roleplaying game based off the anime Bleach.

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    Name :Quincy Leader/Elder

    Age :19

    In Game Name :Porunga

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :1st Hour

    Roleplaying Experience :'07, BLN, Finale and offspring, SS0

    Figures already played :None for this game

    Your plans for your wipe :Do my own thing, as long as it fits my goals?

    Porunga would walk along the edge of the roof, his hip-length cape flapping lightly behind him in the breeze. "Let's see what today brings." He would say, scanning the streets below with his eyes, as well as his reiki. He would sigh, "Nothing near here." He said to himself as he would focus his reiki to his feet. He would look across the street to another building, jumping from the roof he was on.

    Porunga would touch down lightly on the building of the roof across the street, almost slipping. "Woah, woah.." He would say as he began to pinwheel his arms, throwing them wildly. Sweat would begin to form on his brow in his moment of panic. His heart rate speeding up. He would bend his knees and throw his body forward, propelling himself off of the edge and onto the tar and rocks of the roof, "Whew.." He said to himself, his breathing heavy, "Good thing none of the other Quincy saw that, I'd never hear the end of it." He would say as he would look over his outfit, "Good, no stains." He would say as he picked a random direction and walked off.

    Porunga would bend his knees to absorb the shock of his landing three building hops later. He would suddenly smile, his sense picking up a hollow, "Looks like fun time, well only a few seconds of fun time." He said to himself as he began to walk towards the edge of the roof. He would peer over, seeing a hollow on the streets below, it looked like a small puppy to his vantage point. "Back to hell you go filth." He would say as he brought his left arm up, a small charm bracelet shaped like a Star of David dangled from his wrist.

    Porunga moved his arm so that the charm bracelet swung into his open hand, closing his fist around it. A bright blue light would manifest itself around the bracelet. "Oh yeah, that's the stuff." He would say, a four foot long bow made of blue light in his hand. He would grab the drawstring with his thumb and index finger of his right hand, raising his bow to take aim. "Too easy, I could do this with my eyes closed." He said to himself. A blue arrow would form on the bow when he had the string pulled back as far as it could go. He would let go of the string, the arrow flying true to it's target. The hollow would let off a final roar, "Graaa" as it would turn to small black dust, then disappear.

    Porunga would smile to himself, the bow disappearing back into the charm. He combed his fingers through his long grey hair, "Heh, no fun." He would say as he began to walk on the ledge of the building, his arms out to his side to keep balance.

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