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    Tetsu's Espada App

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    Name : Tetsu Inada

    Age : 22

    In Game Name : Tetsu

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : In all, around 4, this wipe, 2 days.

    Roleplaying Experience : 4 Years of RPing

    Figures already played : None So Far

    Your plans for your wipe : BEcome an Espada Member, and have some fun RP!

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    walked down the dark paved road. The breeze throwing Tetsu into an extremely relaxed state of mind. He needed this before a bout an hour of constant workouts, or atleast that was his plan. On his way there he could see one of the creatures in a distance. He stuttered a bit before spinninh himself around and dashing at full speed up the road. He figured he'd be safe since he had gotten a pretty heavy head start on them, but the second he turned around to confirm this, the dark figure was right behind him, Their eyes met for a meer second, but Tetsu could see the Killing Intent in them, just as he had seen befre in his dream. He sped up, running for his life now, but to no avail, All he remembered after that is a claw slamming through his guts. Only a meer second of pain was felt, but that second was full of aginizing pain and regret, His entire life shifted at an immense speed all before his eyes. He closed his eyes for just a moment and let out a large shriek before his lifeless body fell to the ground and the monster had taken off. But to his surprise , he was still standing, but could also see his dead body. he was now a ghost, or par say, spirit.

    What would he do now? He couldnt be seen, and he was too nice of a guy to have fun scaring people. But he didnt have time to think of anything before he was once aghain ambushed by a group of hollows, this time he wasnt scared, he was a spirit, they couldnt hurt him now, but he was wrong, A hollow opened its mouth, a engulped Tetsu in one bite. All tetsu could see was darkness now, for a few hours, untill finally he was awoken in a vast barren wasteland, full of dead trees and sand. But it was also covered in hollows. Tetsu stepped back, away from them, but to his surprise they payed no attention to them. This made him curious, until he saw his shadow, revealing the shape of a weak hollow. This changed him, he was now a simply evil person, living for revenge, and eager to kill. For years this went on, Tetsu had gone to earth, killing humans and eating Souls on a daily basis, not he was concidered a Vasto Lorde, the strongest type of hollow around.

    One day he was confronted by a mysterious man, offering him power. Tetsu did not understand, but of corse he accepted the offer. Tetsu went through a transformation, returning to his normal human state, wearing a long white outfit, and now half of his face was covered with a mask. Tetsu let his arm's fall to his waist, bieng caught by surprise at the blade dangling off of his waste. It was a normal katana, or so he thought. After a few years of training as an Arrancar, he had unlocked his Shikai. His blade turned into a scythe like blade, that can be sling like a whip, aand retract and detract for Short Ranged Combat and Long Ranged. HE was one of the top Arrancars, so the Mysterious man appeared again, this time with another promotion, to the group called 'The Espada'. He joined as the new kid, weakest in the group, but over the years he rised in the ranks, now he resides there as the #4 Espada, now he is ready to kill anything.....

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