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    Siro Misi's Application


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    Siro Misi's Application

    Post  SiroMisi on Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:55 am

    Name : Preston Kammers

    Age :17

    In Game Name :Siro Misi

    Figure Requested :Urahara

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : Ever since I had seen that it was live.

    Roleplaying Experience : Numerous years, roughly 2007, maybe 2008. So about 4 years.

    Figures already played : None

    Your plans for your wipe : I plan to guide those who arent destined for the direct path to being a hollow or Shinigami to their proper place in the world.

    The sun was just peaking over the horizion to say good morning to the city, but Siro had once again bested the sun and woke earlier. He was now sitting on the front porch of his shop with a green and white striped hat pulled low over his face blocking the sun from his eyes, and casting a dark shadow across his face. For a few more minutes he simply sat, enjoying the immaculate sight before him. The sun was like a living piece of amber, moving and dancing low across the sky, it's color rippling forth to provide a marvelous light show of pinks and oranges throughout the area.

    "Marvelous." The soft words escaped from Siro's lips as he looked around him. The dingy shop sat on an almost deserted lot rampant with weeds and litter. The whole area was bleak compared to the scene above, making the affect even worse. Siro fell onto his back and thought out loud with a moping sigh. "Man, I really need to hire someone to clean this place for me."

    Siro's eyes opened wide as he sensed a moderately powerful spiritual level in the distance, a hollow had found it's way to earth. The dirty shop deliema would have to wait for another time, there was business to attend to. Standing up, the sound of Siro's clogs could be heard clunking againt his wooden porch, then with a quick flash step, he was off.

    Shortly arriving at the location of the distress, Siro stumbled upon something horrible. A large hollow was terrorizing a small section of the suburb.

    "Hey, ugly," Siro said as he approached the hollow who was busy sniffing out some souls. "Over here stupid!" he called one more time to the beast, but to no avail, the hollow remained inert to his advances.
    "Oh well, if he wants it that way. I can't say I didn't give him a fighting chance." Siro said as he began to stream off Reiatsu ramping up his spiritual pressure to higher levels.

    The hollow now sniffed the air, waiting a moment to taste everything it had just been assaulted with. An ear shattering scream battered Siro's ears, the hollow had begun to charcge at him.

    "You waited too long my friend." Siro muttered as he flashed by the hollow. Now on the other side Siro stood still for a moment, placing his sword back into her sheath. As he began to walk away the hollow began to deteriorate, disappearing from the world they were in now, back to where it belonged.

    The city was now silent, no longer in chaos. The sky was still thriving and dancing with the life from the sun, but even as Siro walked the colors began to dull and face to a lucid blue. The clunking of the clogs faded into the distance as Siro returned to his shop.

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