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    Risingstrike's app.


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    Risingstrike's app.

    Post  Ezekiel on Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:55 am

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    This application was created for the Aizen position.

    In game name: Ezekiel Savaar

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay: Since creation I believe.

    Roleplaying experience: Three years.

    Figures already played: CC, Aizen, and a series of Minor figures.

    Your plans for this wipe: I plan on coming at Aizen from a different angle then usual. It seems people always RP Aizen the same. He's always the calm, collected villain that you'd expect. I plan on giving some personality to Aizen, and constantly bringing different RP to the wipe. For example, instead of constantly sending Arrancar do caus chaos, perhaps I'll send a small army of weaker Hollows to occupy them. I simply want to avoid the RP from becoming dull.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure:

    The crescent moon of Hueco Mundo cast an ominous, dim light on Ezekiel's face. He looked bored, as if wishing for some sort of activity. Something to occupy his twisted mind. He ran his fingers through the long thick locks of Goldenrod hair and sighed. He'd sent a variety of Hollow out to complete a series of missions. So far, none had returned. He didn't worry himself though, all could easily be replaced with stronger, more reliable beasts.

    Just as he began to doubt his minions, the doors to his quarters burst open. A small Arrancar burst into the room. It was stumbling as it advanced toward Ezekiel. A thin trail of blood was left from it. In it's grasp was a Shinigami garbed in tattered, blood stained robes. The Soul Reaper was nearly unconsieus. The Arrancar gave him a firm slap to keep him focused, and alert.

    Ezekiel rose to his feet, and stepped toward the two. He retrieved a cigarette from the pocket of his cloak, and lit it with the tip of his finger. He knelt down next to the Shinigami, as he inhaled a large amount of Nicotine riddled smoke. He exhaled in the Soul Reaper's face. "Nice to meet ya' kid." Zeke winked, "The name's Ezekiel, welcome to my place." He waved toward the door of the throne room, "Your dismissed..." The Arrancar bowed, and turned toward the door.

    Just as the Humanoid Hollow was about to exit, Ezekiel lightly gripped the hilt of his Zanpaktou. Suddenly the Arrancar was cleaved in two pieces. "Eh, I don't need him anymore." The speed of the attack was awe inspiring. The draw of his blade wasn't even visible! The Shinigami was now sprawled out across the floor without his captor to keep him upright. Ezekiel grimly smiled, a strand of hair hanging in front of his cool grey eyes. "I've got some questions for ya' bub."

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