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    Fullyautomatic for Aizen

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    Fullyautomatic for Aizen

    Post  Trace Chaos on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:26 am

    Name : Fullyautomatic (I go by Fully, Magus, or Trace. )

    Age : 18

    In Game Name : Magus Chaos

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :

    Roleplaying Experience : A good few years under my belt.

    Figures already played : Shinji, captain commander, Aizen, and multiple minor figures.

    Your plans for your wipe : Mostly to provide interesting RP for the general masses and be an antagonist of the best sort I can manage. After all, I'm applying for the basic Antagonist rank ; Aizen.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Magus shifted a bit, his right hand coming up to brush his thick black hair from his eyes, adjusting his headband lightly afterward to keep his hair out of his eyes better. He sat at a large table surrounded by others similar to him. Not in raw power or any such thing, but in nature and in form. He and all those surrounding were his own 'creations', were all creatures known as Arrancar.

    The lot of the sat staring rather contently at a large sphere in the middle of the table, this sphere showing the progress of a group of Shinigami Magus had captured through sets and trials consisting mostly of hollow an lower-ranked arrancar. The room was incredibly silent though for the longesst time until Magus himself broke it. And as if moths to a flame all the other arrancar' let their eyes wander from the sphere to Magus as if moths to a flame. "As you can see shinigami without the ability to perform shikai are something akin to an arrancar without the ability to grab their zanpakuto. That is to say, they are so out of tune with their own strength they may as well be stones thrown into water save against the weakest of hollows."

    Again the lot were motioned towards the sphere and they'd see the last of the group of shinigami finishing off the final of the 'test' arrancar, panting and injured as he stood, this clearly a captain level shinigami as he was in bankai. "That is bankai, arguably comparable to our Ressurecurion in that it is the fullest, truest form of a shinigamis power. But as the wounds betray, even against arrancar who have had part of their essence ripped out and their ability to use Ressurecurion 'removed' they still take damage from sheer physical might, and are weaker skinned than us, possessing no Hierro." With that he shifted, snapping his fingers and creating a garganta gate in front of him.

    A last time the group was directed to the sphere, seeing the other end of the garganta open on the screen of it. "And here it ends, shinigami." Magus said softly, crimson eyes narrowing in on his 'prey'. "My presentation is over... and I no longer have need of you." As he finished speaking he reached casually to his hip and drew his zanpakuto, a massive burst of Reiatsu pouring from him as he did, eyes glowing as he moved in to fight the shinigami, planning to give them something of a warriros death.

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