Bleach - Odyssey (Roleplay)

A strictly roleplaying game based off the anime Bleach.

    Game Improvements


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    Game Improvements

    Post  Ddare28 on Tue May 31, 2011 5:06 am

    This is a good game but needs some "improvements". I suggest:

    • Admins be redistributed. (The new admins must be on a lot!!!)

    • Clothing Store added

    • A "Map" verb

    • Mini Map on the players window.

    • Quincy fixed/Added

    • Race Guide for all races on Forum

    • Forum Mods

    • Frequent Updates

    • Helpers for whatever you need/want done

    • More active forum replies

    • Auto RP exp giver when Admin are offline.

    • Icons fixed

    • Instead of Figures, Race NPC's

    • Quests

    • Special Events

    • Special RPs

    • Whole World RPs

    • Frequent techniques added and improved.

    If you want maybe we can improve the game together.

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