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    Unique features to hollows and more skills


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    Unique features to hollows and more skills

    Post  king3523 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:05 am

    Hollows in game are pretty unique but weak when it comes to the skill department one thing that should effect the skills they get is unique features cause i remember while i was going through the stages as a hollow i had a scorpion tail that had unique features to it there should be some that help hollows icly to make them all different cause all the hollows in the series didn't look the same besides the generic hollow who were just there to die with no story whatsoever so i just want features added to effect how the hollow rps effects his transformation as a Arrancar (Like in the series) And to help hollows get skills on their way to Arrancar since they only get Cero and Garganta till they are arrancar

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