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    Ashwynd's Captain Application


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    Ashwynd's Captain Application

    Post  Ashwynd on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:28 pm

    Name : Ashwynd

    Age : 21

    In Game Name : Ryazuki Kenei (Currently)

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : I haven't played this game very recently. Most of my experience with this game comes from a couple of years ago, back in 2010-11. I used to play a lot back then, and I had a fun time doing so. I was searching for an RP game on BYOND about a week ago, and I thought I'd start playing this game again.

    Roleplaying Experience : I've roleplayed for some time now. Probably since around mid 2007 on BYOND. I play whatever RP games I come across. Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Universe. I also miss Star Wars: Chapters. Sad

    Figures already played : On this game I haven't played that many figures. I've played as a lieutenant and 4th Espada. On other games, though. I play as figures a lot, but I guess that's not really important in this application.

    Your plans for your wipe : In this wipe my character is going to be a mixture of a Kenpachi type character and a Hitsugaya type character. He is going to enjoy fighting for his life, but hate fighting against weak opponents. Although he will enjoy fighting, he will also not be lenient as a captain and perform his duties whenever they are required as such.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Ryazuki Kenei was staring into the man's eyes with a small grimace on his face. He'd just been challenged for his position as captain by a freaking FIFTH SEAT grunt. Nevertheless, the rest of his squad was watching in anticipation of seeing their captain during a fight. He withheld a scowl as the man started running towards him, zanpakuto already drawn in a short flurry and ready to strike in a downward slash, coming towards his neck at a decent enough speed to threaten a normal Shinigami. Ryazuki was far from normal, though, and that should've been realized a long time ago. Especially by his own squad, who he regularly made his VICE captain beat into submission. Honestly, if his vice captain could be the crap out of them, what made this guy think he had a chance against his captain? He certainly was curious of that, but prepared to fight the man anyway.

    Let it be said that Ryazuki was not a lenient captain. As soon as his opponent's blade was near his neck, he quickly shifted his body to the side slightly, allowing the zanpakuto hilt strapped to his back to get in the way of the sword, essentially slowing it down enough for him to move out of the way without any hassle by crouching and stepping backwards slightly, the grimace on his face turning into a small glare due to his hatred of fighting common weaklings. He wouldn't even need to use his shikai against someone of such a low caliber anyway. This fight was a pointless waste of time, and Ryazuki would make his squad realize that challenging him would always end the same way - in utter defeat by the hands of a man with almost ten decades of training under his belt.

    He reached up for his zanpakuto's handle, easily sliding it from it's crimson sheath, before getting into a basic swordsman stance and yawning slightly, noticing that his opponent had already resorted to using his shikai. Ryazuki was slightly interested in all of his squad's shikai names, so he made a note to find out from the man at some point. "I won't even use my shikai. Hopefully that will make this fair. Probably not, though." He would grin slightly when the man started ranting on about how he was going to take his position after he kicked Ryazuki's ass. That wasn't very likely, in all honesty, and it caused Ryazuki to release a small chuckle from his mouth, making the man swear profusely at being taken lightly by his captain before getting into a ready stance and beginning to sprint forward towards his superior.

    Taking a slow step forward, he released a burst of reiatsu from the sole of his back foot, disappearing into a shunpo before quickly appearing behind his opponent, blade already in mid-swing, his grin turning back into a scowl when he noticed that the man didn't even know what a shunpo was. Stopping his blade just as it reached the man's neck, drawing a tiny bit of blood, he would release his grip on the blade slightly, the man only just turning around now, his blade quickly falling blade downwards as the man turned, and then catching his blade as it faced downwards, he would be holding it in a backhand grip, before placing it against the man's neck as he finished turning. "That, kid, is game set and match. Now please, put your crappy sword away, and go back to... wherever you came from. The only thing keeping you alive right now, is that I need peons to do all of my grunt work." and with that said, he would quickly re-sheath his zanpakuto and leap up onto the roof of the barracks, before continuing with his stargazing.

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