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    Niiro Getsuei's Application for Quincy Emperor


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    Niiro Getsuei's Application for Quincy Emperor

    Post  Ocnjak20 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:37 pm

    Name :Kruno

    Age :20

    In Game Name :Niiro Getsuei

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :Well I was playing it before, and now when it is open again I am playing it since it was released.

    Roleplaying Experience :Over 5 years of RP-ing on Dragon Ball,Bleach,Naruto,Yu Yu Hakusho.

    Figures already played :Once I was Senior Captain but it was long time ago, last wipe I was not sucessfull on obtaining any rank since it was wiped very soon.

    Your plans for your wipe :First of all to establish healthy and active Quincy order which would operate under strict secrecy and be aware of other Spiritual Gifted humans. The higher ranks will command lower ranked Quincy's and of course that they will have to obey or they will be killed at spot. Me as Emperor will try to establish alliance with Xcution Leader and maybe with Vaizard Leader as well in order to protect the Earth. However Shinigami and Hollow will be our enemies and we will try to vanquish any of them that come to Earth and attempt to bring some havoc.

    My plan is basically this, keep Earth safe from both Shinigami and Hollows with help of my allies. Quincy's will not attack on sight but will observe Shinigami operations on Earth carefully, before taking any act they will have to report back in to me and then me and high ranks will discuss the matter. If anyone attacks out Quincy Soldat or someone even higher rank, he will be hunted down until he and everyone who protects him are dead. Exceptions are killing off Soldat's that try to defect and betray me as Emperor. Hollows will be immediately destroyed after they are found on Earth, there wont be any mercy to these creatures unless we are out of ally's since we are operating in secrecy.

    Every release must be approved by me and Quincy are allowed only to use the bow unless they are in life or death situation with no one around. Only then they can use Second Release, or call in for some help from other Quincy's. Hopefully there will be enough Quincy this wipe so I can make small army, some will be specified for different areas of combat which will depend on my ally's and enemies. The only thing that the Soldat's and Stern's are allowed to use in public will be basic and evolved bow, not a spirit weapon or any release like that if they are not allowed by Niiro.

    Quincy's will always be equipped with: Medallion, Civil Clothes, Communicating Devices, Necklaces which will summon their quincy suits and when in state of war with the Spirit Weapon and some of them depending on the Platoon, special weapon or special item which will benefit them against their opponent.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Niiro Getsuei smiled after the last Quincy soldat was found almost mortally wound Niiro has decided to call all of the Quincy troops and arrange the meeting, once when they all were about to show someone had managed to infiltrate the compound. It was no one other than the Quincy Soldat that went missing many years ago, he was somewhat stronger now and he had really bad attitude towards the emperor and his troops. After hearing the slashes and loud noises in front of the massive gates with white cross in the middle of them, they would open and slam at the walls with large amount of force. The man who walked in was no one other than the “Traitor” how Niiro was calling him, as that man was walking towards Niiro the other quincy’s attempted to stop him but then again they were mercilessly slaughtered by him.

    After seeing that Niiro would stand up and yell:”Stop, he is mine to take care off!” with strong and strict voice, it had started to echo through the hall of the Quincy. While stepping down from the throne Niiro smiled to his opponent before saying:”I was waiting for this moment to end your life...”, but before he could finish the speech his opponent had released the arrow at Niiro from his own manifested bow. That arrow was not so strong for Kheen so he would smile and let it hit him, however instead of it piercing through him the arrow just scratched Niiro who had left after image behind thanks to the Hirenyaku. Afterwards Niiro would stop behind his opponent and smile while slowly unsheathing his Sword with his right hand, after the weapon was unsheathed Niiro’s opponent quickly turned around and attempted to shoot him.

    It was useless since Kheen’s opponent did manage to overcome ordinary soldat’s and some of his Generals which were weak, but in the moment when the Sword was unsheathed the opponent was facing Niiro and had sent two more arrows at him already. In that moment Niiro would turn around, his sword was the crusader like sword. Its hilt had the quincy cross while the protector was spiky and pointing to the right and left side, hilt was painted in gray color while the blade was sharp with some kind of gem in the middle of protector which was blue. Soon enough the arrows were about to hit him, but instead he had them shattered with one simple slash of his Spiritual Weapon, opponent was just watching how his Niiro had grew and became so powerful.

    Instead of killing him immediately Niiro had some time and was playing around, tossing the trash and weakening him more and more with every cut and slam. The poor thing was nearly dead when the Generals have arrived, in that moment Niiro would throw Traitor on the table and say:”This is the traitor...and this is how we deal with them....”, not much time would pass before Niiro had swung his Sword at the traitor and annihilating his whole body with one large arrow which was sent from tip of his Sword. When that was done Niiro had turned around and slowly had walked to his throne while saying:”We have an important matter to shall we begin then my Stern Ritter’s...”. After saying that the Stern’s would sit in their large chairs with the Quincy cross on the back of them and start to discuss important matters with Niiro who was listening, listening and discussing the hierarchy as well as the important tasks to hide themselves until their time come.

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