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    EvolutionMe's Captain Application.


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    EvolutionMe's Captain Application.

    Post  EvolutionMe on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:28 am

    Name :Jack Mitchell

    Age :16

    In Game Name : Draidin Star.

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay :I have only been playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay for maybe, three to five days or so, although this may be a VERY short time on the game, I have played plenty of games and I reckon I am pretty experienced in RP but I'm not the best. Although, this all for you guys to decide.

    Roleplaying Experience : As I said in the last paragraph, I have a bit of Roleplay experience, maybe even alot.I have RP'ed in alot of games since I only play RP games. Some RP games I really enjoy are, of course, this one, Dragon Universe, Shinobi Story Online, Shinobi Revelations, Phoenix 2 and so on.
    I have only just started playing Bleach RP's and this is probably my first one.

    Figures already played : I have played alot of Figures in the past and I am currently playing some right now. I have played as the Hokage, in Naruto game and I currently am one on a Game known as Shinobi Hakyoku. If you don't know what the Hokage is, it's basically the leader of the Leaf village and it's a VERY big rank, probably the biggest rank in the Leaf Village.

    Your plans for your wipe : Well, my plans for this wipe are quite simple, as I am planning out my character, Draidin Star, as a calm, easy going type of person. He simply wants to do what everyone else is doing and help out in anyway possible. He is quite optimistic and tries not to look at the down side of situations. He obviously knows what he needs to do as a Captain but he has a slight stubborn attitude that comes with his happy/jolly personality.

    A short RP of you playing the figure: Draidin slowly raised his Zanpakuto with a slight edge of pride and dignity. Before Draidin, stood his enemy. A slight deadly aroma lurked in the air. Draidin's hair slowly blew backwards, the wind pushing it backwards, revealing his pale skin, that fat perfectly with his bright blue eyes. His Captain robes were a perfect fit. Gently, Draidin twisted his body around gently, letting his feet widen up gently, allowing him to enter a small stance. His Zanpakuto pushed forward, ready for an attack. Around them, the street looked perfectly normal. No one was present but it seemed to be an ordinary day. The floor's were shining, the walls perfect, everything was in order.

    In front of him, his opponent stood with a high and mighty body stance, it was obviously a full attacking stance, just by laying a few glances torwards his opponent, Draidin could see a number of openings. His opponent had a slightly large abnormal body figure. He was dressed in a dark black Kimono his sheathe placed gently upon his waist. His Zanpakuto raised up high, he was already ready for an attack. His black short cut hair stood on end; it stuck up like thorns, thorns that dared pierce the smooth fabric which Draidin respected. Draidin respected his surroundings with the same respect he held for the rank he had been given. The fight was to be quick, he wanted to finish it as quickly as possible, a big fight would ruin this beautiful scenery.

    Quickly, Draidin pulled his Zanpakuto backwards, awaiting his enemy who was now charging at Draidin like a raging bull. His technique was clumsy and lacking. Draidin obviously had the upper hand in the fight. Quickly and effortlessly, Draidin pushed his Zanpakuto towards his left side, slicing at the air violently, His blade flying through the air with extreme speed and velocity. Quickly, it penetrated his stomach, the blade flew past, blood following it's trail as it had just violently ripped through the mans skin, leaving a wide gash. the blood began to seep through the mans Kimono. Draidin only stood there without a care in the world, a warm friendly smile danced around his face as he looked upon his enemy, who was now fatally injured.

    A small smile appeared upon Dardain's face, his Zanpakuto quickly led up the first attack with a quick thrust towards the mans neck, again, his blade swiftly soared through the air, propelling towards the mans neck. Without hesitation, his Zanpakuto entered his opponents throat, slowly, Draidin twisted the blade, his hands growing white has his grasp over his sword grew painful, his knuckled bursting with pain. Killing wasn't something Draidin loved but it was needed. For it kept balance. He couldn't have a criminal running around killing innocents. No, that was one thing Draidin hated. As this thought processed through his mind, a small smile popped onto his face.

    Slowly, as the blade twisted, Draidin spoke up, slowly but firmly, "Now, don't cry, It's only a small scratch and a blow to the neck which you have no hope of surviving. Nothing much. It will all be over before you know it." As those words left his mouth, Draidin quickly pulled his blade away from his opponent’s throat, quickly, he pulled up his pale hands, within them, he grasped a white cloth, upon it, and faded blood stains were present. An obvious sign that Draidin had, recently, had to use killing as a means to stop someone or something breaking the balance. Draidin did what had to be done though. His job came first before any other means. His smile was no longer present along his face, instead, a look of disgust and hate rested within him, even if he tried to hide it.

    Slowly, Draidin placed the cloth upon his Zanpakuto, he began to wipe is slowly, taking care. Each movement he made with the cloth looked like a movement that would cost him his life. The blood dripped before his feet as he slowly wiped it away, revealing a bright silver blade. A clean perfect weapon, streamline and perfect for combat. Quickly, Draidin swiveled the blade through the air, it sliced the air like a hot knife through a lump of butter. Without hesitation, Draidin placed his Blade back into it's tightly wrapped sheath which laid upon his waist. He then sent a small kick towards his enemies dead body which now laid empty and broken in front of him. A pool of blood began to spread out from beneath it. With obvious care, Draidin stepped away. A simple fight it had been and luckily he hadn't had any of his enemies disgusting blood sprayed upon his clothes. Slowly, Draidin began to walk away, completely ignoring the body that was now randomly laying in the street of the Soul Society. Slowly, he flicked his hair backwards as he smiled, walking away, as if nothing hand occurred.

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