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    SC3PTR3's Aizen Application


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    SC3PTR3's Aizen Application

    Post  SC3PTR3 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:12 pm

    Name: SC3PTR3

    Age: 22

    In Game Name: Inazuma Darkstar

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay: Used to play it in the past. Just started it again.

    Roleplaying Experience: Three Years and Seven Months.

    Figures already played: Aizen and Urahara.

    Your plans for your wipe: Kill as much as possible and then turn them into Hollows to increase Hollow Population. Then planning to begin a war against everything else with the intentions of taking over the Soul Society. Then try to expand my rule over the rest.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Inazuma sat in his throne within the Pale Castle of Las Noches, hidden within Hueco Mundo. A war occurring between Hollow and Shinigami, natural enemies put against one another in the after life. Flashes of light could be seen outside of the Castle's doors. Explosions were being heard through out every room of the Castle's halls. One of the weakest Arrancar rushed in with blood spilling down his arm all over the white marble floors, kneeling before Inazuma before continuing "Lord Inazuma. The Shinigami reinforcements have arrived. We are taking hard damage from the Captains.". Inazuma glared at the Arrancar with disappointment before standing from his throne, recovering his face that was hidden in shadow. He slowly stepped away from his throne and past the weak Arrancar. He walked up to the doors and peered outside, observing the occurring battle for himself. Squad Two through Five's Captains were walking into the scene, removing Hollow after Hollow from the plane of Hueco Mundo.

    Inazuma released a growl at the sight, slamming his two fist's into the doors. Large dents would form where he struck the doors, spreading a pattern of cracks through out the doors before chunks from the two doors fell to the floor. Inazuma held a deep look in his eyes, flaring with anger and disappointment in his army. He walks past the bleeding Arrancar again, preparing for battle before the Arrancar approached him with questions about his plans. Before the weakened Arrancar could finish, Inazuma shot out his hand and grabbed the Arrancar by the throat. The Arrancar's feet rose higher from the ground as his head rose past Inazuma's. Inazuma would rapidly slash across the Arrancar's mask, causing it to begin forming cracks. As the pain surged through the weakened Arrancar's body, Inazuma slowly walked up to the doors, walking past them and down the stairs onto the pale sand with the Arrancar still in his hiand "Your services is no longer needed.....Your deserved reward, death along with the rest of the lowest of the Arrancar. Inazuma then pulled the Arrancar back, pushing forward to throw the Arrancar off into the crowd. As the Arrancar flew through the air, his mask began to crack more and more.

    The weakened Arrancar would land face first into the pale sands, standing up straight on his feet before recognizing what had just happened. His King left him to die and betrayed him. The Arrancar, enraged by this, began to make aggressive attempts on his other Arrancar. However, despite this, the Shinigami still began to follow him around and slay him. He was a ways ahead of them before running into one of the more brutal Arrancar who had just finished killing a Shinigami. The Arrancar would growl, snarling at the weaker Arrancar for attacking his own kind. As a way to make the weaker Arrancar go through a painful and slow death, the larger one would point a finger aimed directly at his arm. A small org of grey Reiatsu began to gather at his finger tip, releasing it to sever the weaker Arrancar's arm. He now had no ways of defending himself. The stronger Arrancar tossed him off into a crowd of Shinigami and Arrancar, causing the two enemies to both quickly finish off the Arrancar before continuing their Battle that was the result of years upon years of war and hate.

    Before Inazuma could enter back into the Castle, a Shinigami approached him from behind with her Zanpakuto out. Inazuma's face grew an irritated look, pulling out his own Zanpakuto. The Female Shinigami motioned Inazuma to walk back down the stairs and fight her for what he had done to her family and to her entire life. Inazuma only chuckled, causing the Shinigami to lose her patience and attack out of rage. It was just as Inazuma wanted her to do. He wanted her to lose her cool and focus, losing her sense of what her real goal was. But instead she fell into Inazuma's sand trap that was just waiting for her to fall into. As she struck at Inazuma continuously, she leaps back with exhales escaping her mouth. She would then prepare to activate her Bankai, moving her sword in a specific way. But as she focused on the Bankai, she lost focus on what kind of situation she was in. During the activation of the Bankai, Inazuma had thrusted his Zanpakuto through her chest. As her cold dead body fell to the ground, many Shinigami's lives fell down with hers. But it still wasn't enough. Inazuma would walk into the castle and let out a whistle, calling out to the remaining Arrancar dwelling inside Las Noches in order to win the War for him so they could continue with their plans. As the bodies of many Shinigami fell to the ground dead, Inazuma walked into his castle with the doors sliding closed behind him.

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