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    Name : Fullyautomatic (key)

    Age : I dunno, like 407

    In Game Name : Magus Chaos

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : All of the weeks.

    Roleplaying Experience : I've been RPing for upwards of 6 years.

    Figures already played : Captain Commander, Aizen, Quincie Elder, Shinji.

    Your plans for your wipe : Make the Vaizard be their own force, as it were, unless for whatever reason they're not rejected by the Soul Society. If they for some insane reason are just welcomed into SS with open arms, well, we'll basically be an elite SS squad. Not likely though, considering it's illegal to attain hollow powers and all that.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Magus frowned as he stepped forward, the city crumbling around him, chunks of ice and concrete falling in concert, as his foe felled the last of his comrades. "Damned shinigami." Magus muttered, slowly drawing his zanpakuto form its sheathe on his back. "Cry out with sorrow, Kuragari."

    With that his zanpakuto would change, seemingly melting into a mass of shadow while remaining in his hand, extending into a long black chain attached to two large, free-handing (of a sorts) double-bladed scythes. He began spinning the blades as he rushed forward, cutting into the ground around him.

    As he rushed his opponent attacked. the attack came with surprising speed ; a massive dragon made of ice flew towards Magus. Luckily he had sufficient speed and reflexes that he was able to jump into the air at the last moment and dodge the dragon. The dragon was quickly redirected however, aimed towards Magus once again. He quickly adjusted his position in the air and worked to counter the attack, beginning to spin the left chained blade, cutting apart the ice dragon with lethal precision. but not without cost, however. The blade and a good portion of the black chain was frozen and suddenly shattered. Magus frowned, dropping the chain in his left hand while redoubling the hold on the part of the chain in his right hand.

    His opponent wasted no time however, yelling out as he created yet another ice dragon that began flying towards Magus. Magus didn't even attempt to dodge, however, instead opting to simply begin focusing his Reiatsu. The dragon collided with Magus, beginning to push him back and slowly freeze him over. Yet again,h e didn't attempt to move or dodge, his body shuddering lightly after a few moments as his Reiatsu hit a peak and began to change, as noted by any who could feel it. His eyes began to shift, being almost entirely overtaken with darkness in a matter of seconds, while the pupils changed into slits of silver. Not much longer and a strange white material began forming over his face and chest, quickly forming into a mask quite strongly resembling, at least in shape, a wolf. the mask material on his chest formed a simple breastplate with a number of odd spiked protrusions forming on his back, near his shoulder blades.

    As the mask finished forming Magus quickly 'flexed' both his muscles and his newly spiked Reiatsu, shattering the ice forming on his bod as well as the dragon his foe had created. He let loose a laugh, starting to spin his blade above his head, forcing reiatsu through his blade and causing the chain to lengthen. Soon enough he was cutting into the nearby buildings, and he shifted, swinging his arm forward, causing the spinning double-scythe to fly towards his white-haired opponent. They began backing away with rapid use of shunpo, to no avail as Magus kept rapidly lengthening the chain. The shinigami also rapidly blasted out forth several ice dragons, again only to have the attacks destroyed this time, however, the ice did not freeze Magus' zanpakuto. And soon enough Magus let out another laugh, hearing the satisfying 'schluk' of blade ripping its way into flesh.

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