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    Harada, Loki's Shinji Figure Application

    Harada, Loki

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    Harada, Loki's Shinji Figure Application

    Post  Harada, Loki on Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:32 am

    Name : Christopher

    Age : 17 ( In game ) 15 ( In real life )

    In Game Name : Harada, Loki

    Weeks playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay : First day since it came back up.
    Roleplaying Experience : 4 years of roleplaying, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Original creations, etc.

    Figures already played : None. ( Hokage/KoV in Naruto/Dbz games. )

    Your plans for your wipe : Having fun, while hopefully being a Vaizard. If nothing happens then I will create a little havock to make people do some things.

    A short RP of yourself playing the figure (ie.Entering a battle)(Note : RP must be at least 4 paragraphs long. Each paragraph must consist of 4-5 lines.)

    Harada, Loki turned around, his sight was set on a large mass of reiatsu that had burst out about five miles behind him. '' What's that? '' , he asked himself placing his right hand on his waist while jumping from roof to roof. '' I wonder if there's somebody creating havock, or losing control of his or her own power. '' , he grinned like a child with his attention set on the reiatsu. '' Well then, let's give them a little visit. '' , he rushed forward not wanting to miss a single moment of the fight, he felt a slight tingle inside of his body while he narrowed the distance between himself and the battle rather quickly in the matter of seconds. '' Just a little more. ''

    '' Shunpo. '' , came from the boys lips after he took a deep breath and vanished from the rooftop, some wind swirled around his feet at the moment that he used the high-speed technique to move forward. '' I'm almost there, better get ready for battle. '' , his right hand went to the left side of his body, where a zanpakutou was clinged to his waist. Loki's hand touched the hilt while pulling it out of it's sheath and rushed to the spot, he could already see a hollow and a shinigami fighting. '' Oh-ho, that's quite the punch that hollow makes. And the shinigami is having trouble with the hollow inside of him, I should give him some help. '' , he swiftly used his shunpo to get in closer.

    '' Well, well. I guess that you need some help? '' , he asked appearing infront of the damaged shinigami that had trouble controlling his power. A white mask was forming on the shinigami's mask while falling to his knees as Loki held back the fist from the giant hollow with his blade. '' To simple. '' , the boy waved his zanpakutou from left to right, and in an instant the hollow was sliced in two. It faded while the shinigami lost control behind the male. '' Well then, I guess that I need to fight you now. Show me what you got, but please don't be a waste of my time. '' , his eyes closed while he took a relaxing position infront of the shinigami.

    '' Don't take me lightly now. '' , Loki could sense the outragous reiatsu perfectly as he vanished and appeared behind the shinigami. '' I'll show you. . .How you need to use that mask. '' , his hand went to his face as white bits formed together infront of him, making a hollow mask with his eyes turning black and his irises turning yellow. '' Cero. '' , the male said with a cold breath, a large mass of reiatsu took a red shade and shot out to the back of the shinigami. The ground shattered with the power while the only thing that the boy could see was smoke. His eyes went upwards, noticing a figure jumping out of the smoke, showing his location to him perfectly. Withing an instand the male appeared infront of the shinigami and sliced his zanpakutou from left to right through the stomache of his opponent to make a big slice of blood trail through the air. A bit of blood hit his cheeck while he whiped it watching the shinigami falling down to the ground.

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