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    Some events


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    Some events

    Post  Saito on Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:02 pm

    Some Events

    You know you want some events, but. OMG. The first one goes to Shinigami? O’dear lawd, who else could get such an event.

    Summer Time Festival
    Well it’s that time of year, and the mortal world is having one of their many festivals. The cherry blossoms are about to bloom, the lavish pink petals dancing in the sky are sure to attract even the morbid of creatures. During this festival a tree appears, a giant sakura tree, and it has always been the duty of the Shinigami to guard this tree. The sap, a misty blue, extracted from the tree is a highly concentrated dose of reishi with unique qualities. When consumed by Hollow, it has been shown, to grant such a large amount of power that the Hollow will be able to evolve. Though not applied to the other races, consumption of the sap will grant an immense, albeit brief, amount of power. To humans, however, the sap has been shown to be quite lethal. But Quincy have been known to use the sap in accordance with their tools, thereby increasing its power ten fold.

    The location of the tree, like every year, is in the same ol’ place, appearing at the same ol’ time, and staying only visible, to all people, for three hours. Will the Shinigami remain victorious in protecting the sap? Will a Hollow seize the opportunity to advance? Will the lone Quincy stand and hope to make a difference? Who knows?

    Raging Forest
    Deep within the forest of the Rukongai districts, there lies a den where a manipulative Hollow resides, an ancient Hollow. House around this den are the goblins, these small, puppet-like Hollow have awoken, and are on the hunt. Already having destroyed on village, returning the spoils of war to their mother, the Fukutaicho to the Sou-taicho have caught on to their movements. Learning of their position, he begins to rally the Shinigami, amassing a party to destroy the Hollow and their unknown leader. Unbeknownst to them is the sealed core protected by the ancient leader, a power that would, and will, bring about many calamities to the Soul Society if it does not remain sealed. Within the deep forest, marching under the moonlight, demon fires rage within the lamps leading the way, steel and souls will soon clash.

    Race: Hollow
    Mask: Goblin-y like, deal with it.
    Speed: Fast able to keep up with even a low-seated officer; they are not able to keep up with a 4th and above seat.
    Strength: Powerful able to cleave through bone with ease.
    Height: Slouches bringing them to 4’8, max height 5’2
    Weight: 105lbs
    Abilities: Retractable blade from their palm, three feet in length, capable of striking through a fully-grown tree.
    Reach: Five feet with blade.
    Appearance: Standing at the height of 5’2ft their slouching posture drops them down to 4’8, their head covering what, if any, neck they have. Eyes glow a devilish yellow, with rather long arms. Their legs are different than a goblin, goblin being a nice way to say pack animal for that is indeed what they are, pack animals, like I was saying, their legs are actually similar to that of kangaroo. Arched out and such, allowing them to kick harder, jump harder and faster.


    Race: Hollow
    Mask: Complete white expect four black wavy lines. no eyes.
    Speed: Slow.
    Strength: Immense.
    Size: Giant
    Weight: A lot.
    Abilities: Due to the core sealed within this ancient, it is able to produce those goblins, which then follow its commands. Pretty simple. Cero and such, even has some stunning moves. Able to send out reiatsu from the tentacles like electricity to stun, and even kill depending on the amount, always set to kill.
    Appearance: Pretty simple, the ancient is a giant tentacle Hollow, with sixteen tentacles fast and boasting an incredible amount of strength. Yup. That’s that.

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