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    Isaiah Urahara Application


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    Isaiah Urahara Application

    Post  Niquolas12 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:21 am

    Name: Niquolas Smith


    In-Game Name:Isaiah Kemori

    Figure you're applying for:Urahara

    Weeks playing Bleach Odyssey Roleplay: one around the begining it got up, returned recently .

    Roleplaying Experience: PLayed many roleplaying games, loves to rp about anything, been ranks, figures,and event character on alot of bleach and shinobi games

    Figures already played: Captain Squad 5

    Your plans for your wipe: If i get the rank i'm planning on doing many prepartions on taking down Aizen once i am strong enough, forming an alliance with the Shinji, and Captain Commander figures, and also hide for a while to the big event

    Isaiah looked up at Lance. Standing on the squad barracks just waiting for him. They had been rivals for a long time in the past and now it would end here as he cuts all his ties to this place. Without any hesistation Isaiah bro Isaiah then withdrawded his zanpaktou showing him that this was serious and was going to end fast. Isaiah swung it around for a minute and then held it pointing to Lance . Isaiah began saying he liked him, the memories they had, but then it changed into a stare down.

    So far Isaiah could keep his bankai acvated for a long while .Isaiah smoothly rubbed his hand across his blade as he said quietly" Bankai!" Suddenly along with hollow spirtual pressure, his own would rise to a new level has his zanpaktou quickly turned itself into a long trident, at the same time Lance was activating his weak Shikai. ISaiah looked up quickly at him and said" Its time to die, dont resist your shikai isnt anything compared to my form right now, now die." As he said those words the two Captain faced off into a long battle of clashing weapons. Isaiah smirked though, he hade finally lead both to the lake.<br>

    Isaiah twirled his zanpaktou over his head and rapidly increased speed. Once he was read and all the water from the lake was under his control he lifted it up into the air. Isaiah surpirsed he survived this long but.... Lance Ryukai was flaming intensely so he could block the attack but it wouldnt have no affect. Isaiah swung his trident to the ground his the water and a giant water appeared and spirally came down on Lance. Isaiah also yelled while doing this" Water Explosion!" Which was his ultimate technqiue and was made just for Lance. THe attack hit without fail.

    The Captain walked over to his rival, on the ground, about dead, he pointed his trident to his neck and softly said" TOday ends you, goodbye, dont come back!" Isaiah slamed his trident into his neck and then hitting the earth. The water around soon mixed with the blood and became tainted. Isaiah released his bankai and his his Captain coat and shunpo onto the nearest building. A tear could be seen going down his eye but he just thought of it as water from the attack. He left looking for one more person to find, Galax!".

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