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    General Game Rules

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    General Game Rules

    Post  Hishido Shihou on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:37 pm

    Hello everyone.

    For playing purposes and to avoid confusion, here's a list of rules when playing Bleach - Odyssey Roleplay!

    General Gameplay :

    1. No 'powerplaying'. This includes MSN conversations - you are not allowed to divulge your character's location or current status to anyone OOCly. Keep it IC - Keep it real.

    2. No 'godmodding'. You are not a god. You cannot dodge every single attack thrown at you, merely block it, say you saw through it, etc... Take some hits, what's the fun in playing if you can't take some hits?

    3. Pay attention to ICP. All role playing will be based off ICP - however, the battle level is the main determiner.

    4. Do not ask for/beg for figures online. We will temporarily turn deaf/blind if you voice such appeals.

    5. No race is to enter Soul Society, Earth or Hueco Mundo without the express permission of a staff member. This rule is excluded if your race is native to the said location. Ie. Shinigami are allowed in Soul Society, Hollows/Arrancar are allowed in Hueco Mundo and special humans are allowed in earth.

    6. You are not allowed -whatsoever- to divert from the Bleach universe. All custom Zanpakutou have to be approved by a member of the staff. However, this is the only thing we will allow to divert off the original manga/anime. Nothing else.

    7. Please remain respectful towards your fellow role players. If you feel a certain member of staff is controlling everything too much, or is intentionally being disrespectful towards you (Like not rewarding for RP because they don't like you) you are to alert me (Hishido) immediately.

    8. No player is allowed to betray their faction without the express permission from the owner (Hishido). No other member of staff may authorize this. Only the Aizen figure and his two commanders may betray.

    9. You are not allowed to ask for a reward. Staff reward the role plays they deem fit.

    10. Staff will not take cheek from anybody.

    11. Do not spam.

    OOC Rules

    1. Troll, curse and abuse each other - the staff will remain impartial to OOC fights and discussions (Except, of course, if it revolves on a IC issue).

    2. Discussing religion/politics is vehemently forbidden. You might just find a monstrous thing appear on your screen if you do.

    3. No IC in OOC.

    4. Whilst talking to other players in the general area, please use parenthesis(-()-; -[]-) if not talking as your character.

    5. Please do not beg for an RP reward. RP rewards are given if the staff finds the role play to be particularly moving. (If your role playing ability is good, you might just find yourself rewarded for every single role play.)

    6. Please pay special attention on grammar and spelling in your role plays. There is a big difference between : "Whose" and "Who's". Remember, apostrophe is almost NEVER used to indicate the plural. Apostrophe is used to show possession.

    7. Everyone is allowed 3 strikes if they break one of the rules. After the third strike, we will ban you for a week.

    8. Do not ask for boosts or edits. You will be instantly be kicked off the server if you do. Do not spam me, or any staff, for any boosts either.

    9. Any complaints/suggestions are to be voiced on the forums, and NOT in game.

    Thanks, everyone! Enjoy!

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